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Women In Tech In Africa: Progress, Challenges, and What Comes Next - June 5, 2019, Monique Morrow

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is already underway. However, in Africa, like in the rest of the world, women remain underrepresented in technology and innovation. In this article by VETRI Foundation President Monique Morrow, Mawazo Institute CEO Dr. Rose M. Mutiso and other experts explain why the continent’s technology sector needs gender equality.

meet the 2018 Mawazo scholars

In 2018, Mawazo recruited its first cohort of female PhD Scholars. Our final 10 scientists represent six leading Kenyan universities and 10 distinctive fields of research, ranging from Applied Mathematics, to Design and Creative Media, to Environmental Science, to Virology. For the first time, meet the scholars and hear about their fellowship experience.

Elizabeth Benson, Computer Scientist and Mawazo Scholar

Elizabeth Benson, Computer Scientist and Mawazo Scholar


Each year on March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. This year Mawazo Scholar- Elizabeth Benson was featured in an article on the Business Daily Africa Newspaper. She discusses navigating gender hurdles in STEM fields and how Mawazo support enabled her research work.

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Talents round trip: The mobility of African scientists can be translated into development- FEBRUARY 16, 2019, EL PERIÓDICO

This article features interviews with African scientists including our Co-Founder and CEO- Dr. Rose M. Mutiso on brain drain and the mobility of African women scientists. This is part of a project on African  women scientists funded by the European Journalism Centre.

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WANT to be a woman in science?Here’s ADVICE from those who’ve gone before - february 7, 2019, conversation Africa

Three of our Mawazo Scholars- Judith Koskey, Marilyn Ronoh and Melisa Allela shared their advice for aspiring women scientists on the Conversation Africa.

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Our CEO and co-founder Dr. Rose M. Mutiso uses stand-up comedy to talk about her personal scientific journey and the work of the Mawazo Institute, which encourages and empowers women to think and solve social problems.

stories behind the science: personal stories of six kenyan scientists - December 5th, 2018

Watch as women scientists from the Faces of Kenyan Science campaign share their science journeys as part of of 2018 Africa Science Week - Kenya.


Mawazo Institute was the lead organizer for the 2018 edition of Africa Science Week - Kenya (ASW-K), alongside partners the Next Einstein Forum, J&J Innovation, the L'Oreal Foundation, and others. ASW-K kicked off with a launch event held on December 3rd, 2018. The event introduced scientists from the nationwide 'Faces of Kenyan Science’ campaign, previewed ASW-Kenya events, and featured showcases by young innovators including the Young Scientists Kenya and Little Einsteins. Key note speakers for the event were Dr. Rose M. Mutiso (CEO, Mawazo Institute), Ms. Nathalie Munyampenda (Managing Director, Next Einstein Forum), Ms. Alexandra Palt (Executive Vice President, The L’Oréal Foundation) and Dr. Moses Rugutt (Director General, National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation). Invited guests were a mix of practicing scientists, media, students and science lovers of all ages. Learn more about the 2018 ASW-K activities and outcomes online here.

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Is sub-Saharan Africa ready for the electric vehicle revolution? - july 6, 2018, world economic forum

"Africa is urbanizing faster than any other continent, at a rate of 4% every year, compared to the global average of 2%. Its rapidly growing urban population continues to strain existing infrastructure - transport and energy, in particular."

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Africa cultivates innovation to boost global reach - APRIL 27, 2018, SCIENCE MAGAZINE

"Wasting no time to begin to fulfill her longtime ambition to improve the lives of Africans, Mutiso cofounded and now heads the Mawazo Institute, a Nairobi-based nonprofit research institute that supports African female Ph.D. candidates whose research is focused on reversing The continent’s development challenges."

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Often sidelined by Western journals, African scientists get their own peer-reviewed publication - April 11, 2018, CBC Radio

"Symbolically, it's crucial to show that we have a platform where exceptional science from Africa is being is being showcased," said Rose Mutiso.

Listen to the Audio interview here:

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Africa's unsung scientists finally get their own journal to spread research  April 10 2018, The Guardian

"A new journal to showcase Africa’s often-overlooked scientific research has been launched to give the continent’s scientists better global recognition.

Scientific African will be the first “mega-journal” in Africa. It was unveiled in Kigali last week at Africa’s biggest science conference, the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) conference, and the first issue is scheduled to be published at the end of the summer."

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Overcoming Barriers, African Scientists Creating Award-winning Innovations - APRIL 2, 2018, VOICE OF AMERICA

"Dr. Rose Mutiso, a clean energy technologist, is the Next Forum Ambassador for her native Kenya. She says the forum is a wonderful way for African scientists to connect with each other and to the world.

Listen to the Audio interview below: 



"Exclusive interview with Dr Rose Mutiso, cofounder and CEO of the Mawazo Institute and member of the Advisory Board for African Utility Week taking place in Cape Town in May."

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BBC NEWS (KiSwahili) - March 26, 2018

BBC News interviews Mawazo Institute cofounder, Dr. Rose Mutiso, during the Next Einstein Forum held in Kigali, Rwanda on the challenges facing African scientists. (Interview begins 1:22-2:00)

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BBC NEWS (World Service) - March 26, 2018

BBC World News interviews Mawazo Institute cofounder, Dr. Rose Mutiso, on launch of new peer-reviewed African science journal—and her move from the U.S. to Kenya. (Interview begins 18:38-22:58)

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Alumni Portrait: Rose Mutiso '08 Th'08 - FEBRUARY 2018, THAYER CONNECT

"Growing up in Kenya, Rose Mutiso ’08 Th’08 always knew she wanted to be a professor. Now, she’s going one step further – by helping other African women achieve that dream as well." 

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The Kenyan scientist who is opening doors for women in STEM - December 18, 2017, of africa magazine

"In regards to the state of women in STEM, we need more data so we can figure out where the gaps are. Is it in high school where girls maybe get messages that science is boring or cool for boys? Or is it after that, in university, in family constraints or in the job market where there is a lot of discrimination against women? I think there are challenges across the whole pipeline but broad data would help us to understand where."

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Conversation with Rose Mutiso and Rachel Strohm - October 14, 2017, ufahamu africa podcast