Writing Support


Most academics would agree that writing concise, insightful descriptions of their research is one of the most challenging parts of their work.  Here are several resources to help you improve your English-language writing skills. This list is only intended as a reference; the Mawazo Institute is not affiliated with any of these organisations.

Advertising guru David Ogilvy has a famous list of 10 tips on writing well which are broadly applicable to academic writing.

The Berkeley Student Learning Center has a more focused list of nine basic ways to improve your academic writing.

If you'd like to learn how to organise a paper and create a convincing argument, check out the resources at Purdue's Online Writing Lab.


Grammarly is a free browser extension for Firefox which checks your grammar as you write.

Word Reference is a free online dictionary offering translations from English to French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, and more.


If you need more in-depth assistance with an academic paper, consider signing up for AuthorAID's mentoring programme.  It gives academics from various countries the opportunity to provide feedback on each others' work.