There's a wide range of scholarships available for students who would like to pursue graduate study in Africa and abroad.  The following sites are frequently updated with useful scholarship opportunities.  This list is only intended as a reference; the Mawazo Institute is not affiliated with any of these organisations.

Opportunities for Africans has listings for both academic and professional fellowships.

Scholars Hub Africa is one of the better-organized scholarship sites.

Scholarships for Development focuses on scholarships open to students from low income countries.

Youth Hub Africa offers a range of opportunities, including scholarships, training sessions, and job openings.

Opportunity Desk lists scholarships, conferences, mentoring opportunities, and jobs for academics around the world.

The Africa Desk lists opportunities for African students to study in the UK.

DocLinks offers funding opportunities for study in the EU and Africa, as well as post-docs and research funding.

The World Academy of Sciences provides a large number of PhD and post-doc opportunities around the world.

The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World offers scholarships to women doing graduate study in STEM at universities in low income countries.

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture offers research grants and scholarships for MSc and PhD students across Africa.

The Social Science Research Council's Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa programme supports African students who are preparing, researching, and writing their dissertations.