Research Funding


Listed below are some major international funding organisations in the social sciences and STEM. This list is only intended as a reference; the Mawazo Institute is not affiliated with any of these organisations.


The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa occasionally offers funding, such as the Advanced Research Fellows program and the small grants programme.

The Social Science Research Council offers grants for individual research and collaborative projects through the African Peacebuilding Network.


The International Growth Centre is a leading research centre on economic growth, and has regular calls for proposals by external researchers.

The Economic and Social Research Council has a number of funding opportunities available.

The Independent Social Research Foundation supports research which looks beyond existing theoretical or methodological boundaries.

The European Research Council has a wide range of grant opportunities for scientists, including starting grants for early career researchers and advanced grants for established researchers.


USAID's Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research supports scientists from low income countries who are working with US partner organisations.

The World Academy of Sciences has a large number of grant opportunities available.

Seeding Labs donates scientific instruments to universities around the world through their Instrumental Access programme.