A Living Laboratory: Mawazo Visits the Mpala Research Centre

Mawazo’s two days at Mpala were packed with sights to see and science to learn. From what we know, Mpala is gearing up for many more years of strengthening Kenyan science, as shown by the recent completion of their genomics lab which will help contribute to the wider effort to turn Kenya into a country known not just for its field sites, but also for its original contributions to conservation science.

'Women In Science,' At the 8th National Science and Technology Exhibition Week

Shifting gears, Professor Mary Abukutsa- Onyango, was asked about her opinion on men’s responsibilities in addressing gender imbalance in places of leadership within academia. The solution she suggested was quite simple. “Stop looking at women as women inside the boardroom,” she addressed the men in the room pointedly. “Treat me the way you would treat any other professional.” 

Preparing Scholars to Be Leaders: The Mawazo Leadership Retreat

Mawazo partnered with DAAD to create a specialized two-day training that would give attendees a deeper understanding of what leadership within the sciences looks like and help scholars develop the tangible skills required to be leaders within their fields. Over two days, experts led trainings in topics that included leadership, communication, conflict management, personal branding, and networking. These were coupled with insightful panel discussions on issues relevant to local researchers.

'Chemistry is Cool' Young Girls Explore Science with Mawazo

“Chemistry is Cool,” we certainly agree. Which is why we were thrilled to host five young girls at the Mawazo office in May as part of their “Chemistry is Cool” class. The students, ranging in ages from 9 to 11 years old, were taking part in a home-schooled Chemistry class in Nairobi when they came across Mawazo CEO, Dr. Rose M. Mutiso (a Material Scientist), as they searched online for African scientists.

Mawazo Scholar, Melisa Allela, Chosen for HEVA Cultural Heritage Seed Fund

Mawazo Scholar, Melisa Allela, Chosen for HEVA Cultural Heritage Seed Fund

Melisa’s work has brought her to the attention of HEVA Fund’s new initiative. The Cultural Heritage Seed Fund is intended, “to support the seeding of dynamic creative industry projects, which pioneer new ways of creating inclusive and sustainable growth through the sharing and preservation of Kenya’s cultural heritage.” Which is exactly what Melisa’s interrogation into the use of VR and animation is doing.

DNA: “An Instruction Manual for All Organisms”

“April 25th marks National DNA Day, a day commemorating the completion of the Human Genome Project and the discovery of DNA's double helix structure in 1953. Sixty-six years on from this initial groundbreaking discovery, and sixteen years after the completion of one of the most ambitious international scientific research projects, what have we learned about ourselves through genomics, the study of DNA?”

Meet Winnie Nyamboki, Health Economist and Mawazo Scholar

“The Government of Kenya, through its ‘Big Four’ agenda , is keen on providing universal health coverage by 2022 to guarantee quality and affordable health care for all. While such an initiative goes a long way in redistributing health resources, Kenya is struggling to cope with the burden of traditional communicable diseases, which continue to account for a sizeable share of health spending.”