Meet Winnie Nyamboki, Health Economist and Mawazo Scholar - july 11, 2018, MAWAZO INSTITUTE

"The Government of Kenya, through its ‘Big Four’ agenda , is keen on providing universal health coverage by 2022 to guarantee quality and affordable health care for all. While such an initiative goes a long way in redistributing health resources, Kenya is struggling to cope with the burden of traditional communicable diseases, which continue to account for a sizeable share of health spending.

Meet Melisa Allela, Storyteller and Interactive Media Design Maven - MAY 24, 2018, MAWAZO INSTITUTE

"Human beings are storytelling animals; this is how we make sense of the world. In a rapidly changing world, how do we leverage the capabilities of emerging technologies to preserve African oral traditions of storytelling? Infusion of Artificial Intelligence with immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), which enable social interaction between users and animated virtual characters, are already revolutionizing the ways in which computational systems are used to entertain, educate, and train humans.

Mawazo Scholars Participate in Open Africa Power Initiative Training - MAY 22, 2018, MAWAZO INSTITUTE

"Three Mawazo Ph.D. Scholars participated in the inaugural training module of the Open Africa Power (OAP) programme last month. OAP is a collaboration between the Enel Foundation and academic institutions in Africa and Italy, and aims to build the next generation of African leaders who are equipped to drive a clean energy future in their countries. 

Meet Susan Gichuna, Sustainable Urban Development Expert and Mawazo Scholar - may 18 2018, MAWAZO INsTITUTE

"African countries such as Kenya are fast urbanizing resulting in increased growth of the informal settlements. In Nairobi, for example, an estimated 60 to 70 percent of residents live in slums."

Meet Jacqueline Owigo, Migration Policy Expert and Mawazo Scholar - may 9, 2018, MAWAZO INSTITute

"Further, UNHCR cautions that the number of displaced people has continued to soar and it is estimated that globally, one in every 113 persons is now either a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum.


Meet Edinah Song'oro, Molecular Geneticist and Mawazo Scholar - april 23, 2018, Mawazo institute

"Antimicrobial resistance refers to the ability of microorganisms to develop resistance to antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and antifungal medications. This emergence of antimicrobial resistant genes in microorganisms is becoming a major global public and animal health issue."

Meet Peris Ambala, Molecular Virologist and Mawazo Scholar - april 19, 2018, mawazo institute

"The Ebola virus, a member of the filovirus family, is an example of a zoonotic virus that made global headlines recently during a deadly outbreak in West Africa, resulting in over 11,000 deaths."

Bringing science to the public in Nairobi - March 19, 2018, mawazo institute

"Science is an incredible tool for education, empowerment, and understanding the world around us. Unfortunately, individual access to science can be limited by factors, such as gender, race, and geographic location. "

Introducing the 2018 PhD Scholars! - march 8, 2018, mawazo institute

"We're thrilled to introduce our first cohort of Mawazo PhD Scholars!  We received 170 applications for the 10 spots in this programme, demonstrating the high levels of demand for research funding and training amongst Kenyan PhD students."